We have become newsworthy!! May 11 2015


This has been a great week for Bainbridge Beeswax Works we received two really lovely write ups from our local press. The first article appeared in Friday’s 5/8/15 edition of the Bainbridge Review written by Seraine Page. The second article is in Monday 5/11/15’s edition of the Kitsap Sun Business Spotlight written by Tad Sooter.

The article’s really focus on the benefits of burning beeswax candles. The longer burn times, the air purifying qualities of beeswax candles and the general feeling of well being that is gotten from the light and energy given off by our candles as they burn.

As we head into summer the hope is to be able to enjoy the stretch in the evenings and gather with family and friends on our patio’s and decks making memories for the future. Great food, delicious drinks, laughter and tall tales will gather in the crevices of our minds enhanced by the wonderful ambience set by our pure beeswax candles burning, and casting a beautiful glow on the moment. So having this focus on our candles is wonderful.


We are both delighted and very grateful to the Bainbridge Review and the Kitsap Sun’s interest and beautiful write ups on our fabulous candles. Thank you!