Why burn beeswax, really what's the difference? October 29 2014



That is the question I get asked most often. After all, beeswax candles are definitely more expensive than the paraffin or soy based candles you will pick up at a drugstore.

Right off the bat, the health benefits are enormous. Most commercial candles are paraffin based. Paraffin based candles are made from the sludge at the bottom of barrels of crude oil. It’s then treated and bleached with benzene and other chemical solvents to clean it. Next to thicken the bleached sludge, they add Acrolyn, a delightfully carcinogenic chemical. Because burning just this would smell dreadful, synthetic fragrance oils and dyes are added, which in themselves are often toxic. Add a zinc cored wick and you are all set to burn a highly toxic candle which leaves a sooty residue on your walls and in your central air system.

Soy is not much better as it is still treated with small amounts of paraffin to produce it into a candle and the dyes and fragrances that are added release their own set of toxins. Unfortunately the the farming procedures used in soy production are incredibly damaging to our health and environment. Over 90% of soy crops are genetically modified. They are heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides harming the soil and causing immense health problems to low paid men, women and children who harvest these crops. Soy candles also go rancid with time.

Beeswax is wholly created by bees and is a renewable and environmentally friendly fuel. In times gone by is was only used by nobility and the church as is was so prized. Unfortunately there is no regulation on what can be termed beeswax candles and so some unscrupulous manufacturers add as much as 95% paraffin fillers to their beeswax candles. To get the full benefits from beeswax candles, only purchase 100% pure beeswax.

Beeswax burns beautifully casting a glowing warmth in any room. The brightness of the beeswax flame is on the same light spectrum as the sun! A beautifully natural gift from the hive.

Beeswax smells delightful. It has a subtle honey scent, never overwhelming or overpowering.

Beeswax cleans the air! Beeswax produces negative ions when it burns creating a similar effect to houseplants. Positive ions such as dust, airborne toxins and allergens are neutralized by the negative ions produced by beeswax, thus improving air quality.

Beeswax has a high melting point resulting in a long slow burning, smokeless candle, with little or no drip. This tends to negate the cost of buying these beautiful candles.

Beeswax is hypo-allergenic. There are many health benefits to burning beeswax if suffering from asthma, allergies other respiratory issues.

So these are the differences really!