Life's Rich Tapestry September 11 2014

I am writing this post with enormous gratitude in my heart! The journey of Bainbridge Beeswax Works has been a long and winding road, never dull, occasionally painful, wildly funny with a gathering of amazing people and events sprinkled along the way.

I consider the journey of life to be a fairly colorful thing, the day to day events are the background color, the imensense highs give the bright vivid hue's while life's tough moments temper those vivid hue's with darker more somber notes; I often refer to this as "life's rich tapestry".

My tapestry these day is very bright due in part to my collection of fantastic, naturally pure, long burning, classic and elegant beeswax candles. I invite you to join me on this journey and please feel free to make suggestions, ask questions and most importantly enjoy the weaving.

Thank you so very much to every single one of you who helped support me with ideas, practical knowledge and encouragement - I am forever indebted to you...

Warmest regards, Lucille